23 August 2008

The Comings and Goings

Last night we had a sushi party. As usual, Lizbeth did everything BIG. Huge is probably a better way to describe it. I love that about her. Life is always more fun with her around! Crazy. Loud. Irreverent. It will be so quiet when she leaves to go home. Trying not to think about that yet!
We went to Travis' grandma's 95th birthday party today and tpok the whole entourage, including Mason and Dylan with us. His Grandmother has started looking her age recently. I am glad so many family members showed up to wish her a happy birthday.
Now we are at the Lazer Tag place in Lufkin. I'm tired. No time to blog on the horizon so I thought I'd grab a few! Home and bed are my goals for tonight.
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