27 August 2008

Heartwrenching Prayer Request

I almost don't want to blog about this - but on the chance that you might pray for them, I can't not do it. I got a prayer request last night for the Drews family. I have been online friends with Marsha for at least 3 years since I launched into the blogosphere. We have always kept in touch and commented each other. I love reading about her family, her precious boys, her marriage and her life. She has a terrific sense of humor.
Late last night they took her 3 year old son out of a pond behind their home. It is just heartwrenching. I went to bed last night just praying their name unable to know what more to pray for but that Papa would surround them overwhelmingly with His love.
Please pray for them. Even if you don't know what they need, I know He will.


  1. Count me in for praying for this family

  2. Talking to Papa, on their behalf!!

  3. I linked over to her blog and was going to leave a comment, letting her know I'm praying, but it seemed too raw, too unattached .... so I'm telling you. Brokenness.

  4. Drewe Llyn JeffcoatAugust 27, 2008 at 11:12 AM

    How heart-wrenching! I'm praying!

  5. That has got to be SO gut-wrenching! How do you even begin to pray? God is the ONLY One who can give them what they are so desperately in need of! Which is exactly waht I intend to pray for.


  6. I have definitely sent up a prayer for this family...

  7. so, so heartbreaking. I can't imagine. I can hardly look at my 3 year old son today without tearing up. I will be praying for their broken hearts.

  8. I've "known" Marcia since the very beginning of my blogging life. I feel like she's a real life friend. I just don't have the words. . .


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