30 August 2008

Can You Say E-vac-yew-ate

It's official - in light of Hurricane Gustav's direct path to our area, voluntary evacuations start tomorrow around noon. On the radio tonight it stated that if the course remains as it is, mandatory evacuations will follow. If I don't blog for a while - you'll know where I am - likely sitting on the highway somewhere between home and my mother-in-law's house.
We decided that Travis would stay home and watch our house. The people we have talked to about Hurricane Rita which devastated our area in 2005 (prior to our residence) said that most of the damage to their homes was from water that came in after the storm.
I am going for higher ground. Thunderstorms here can send me to my closet for shelter - so I'm trying to play it safe. Please pray for us - this is scary and surreal. The military has shown up on the local highways, and the President declared a state of emergency. Gas prices rose 10 cents per gallon in the course of the day today, and our local station ran out at one point. We were lucky enough to happen by when they were getting refilled. There are tankers delivering gas all up and down the highways. People are swiping the shelves clean of canned goods, including me. My husband gave me a mandate this morning, "Don't think healthy - just stock up!" I am sure there is a limit to the amount of ranch style beans and spam we can eat - but let's consider this our little contribution to science as we do the research to find out.
I think I prefer snow.
If you are a real life friend, my cell phone will be on - call anytime for an update.
Also continue to pray for the Drews family as they remain heavily on my heart. What a chaotic situation for them as they prepare for their baby's funeral. Jesus be their shelter.


  1. Will certainly be praying for you all.

  2. Praying for all of you!! Be safe and may God shelter Travis and your home!

  3. I'm already praying for the storm to weaken. You and your family are in my prayers too.

  4. WE are praying for all of you.

  5. Holy Cow.... I am so thinking of you.

  6. wow. I was watching the news a couple of nights ago, wondering about my bloggy friends. I will be praying for you and your family in this situation. I will continue to to pray for the Drews family as well. I hadn't made the connection that they would have to be dealing with this state of emergency as well. Keep us updated as you can...

  7. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying....

  8. Praying and I'll probably call to check in sometime this weekend.

  9. Sometimes, living in Texas can be surreal to say the least! When Hurricane Rita hit Texas 3 years ago, we were travelling to Yellowstone. Along Hwy 287, near Wichita Falls there were electronic signs directing the evacuee's to shelter!

    The other thing I saw that was even MORE bizarre was when the Columbia Space Suttle blew up over Texas. I remember hearing the BOOM, the house shook and we actually had a few parts land in Denton. That evening we were driving in Dallas to go to dinner with friends and once again we read a surreal message on the electronic signs,


    That one has stuck with me for a long time!

  10. Julie,
    don't know if you'll get this comment, but you've been on my mind, even before I got over here to your blog. Know that I feel you're pain, we've been through a couple of these, and there ain't nothin' fun about it. Will be praying for your family's safety, and Travis as he stays behind.

    You can bet I'm keepin' a close eye on this, especially in the mornin', and will be counting my lucky stars to avoid this one (assuming that we actually DO avoid it).


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