19 August 2008

Contemplating the Blog

Today I moved some posts to "draft" status. They are posts that I want to save for myself, but may have inadvertently invaded the privacy of others or seemed presumptuous in ways I never intended. This is the conundrum of "the blog". Actually it scared me a bit to think that I was being read wrong. This is the place where the rubber meets the road in the reality of our cyber lives. I blog because I enjoy writing. I blog because I want to maintain the day to day contact with my friends who live so far away. I blog because it is an outlet, cheaper than therapy, and a way to keep a record of our lives. The danger is that this has become a bit of a public spectacle, read by people who don't really know me leaving room to interpret or misinterpret what is said and get an often skewed impression of the kind of person that I am. I never intended for it to be that way. I certainly never wanted to step on any toes, push anyone beyond their comfort zone, or infringe on anyone's rights to privacy. I am not sure where this will lead. For now, I will tread cautiously, wanting better between myself and others than a one sided relationship. There is a lot more to me than what meets the blog.


  1. This is your blog, and you are just being honest. This is one place where you should feel free to express yourself without feeling like you're treading on egg shells. If you have to worry about what other people feel when they read it, it is no longer going to be therapeutic or honest. Remember, nobody has to read what you write. It's their choice. Anyway, that's just my humble opinion.

  2. I hope you don't stop being you here. It's therapeitic for others as well. :)

  3. I agree with granny and Penny.

    You have a talent with words and those of us who love you want you to be free to express yourself.

    Don't go anywhere and don't change your open and honest stature.

    I told you the other day that I do hold back some opinions on my blog and it's high time I just put it out there.

  4. I just love your blog! I've told you before that I think your writing is so good- like reading a good book.

    I don't have teenagers yet- and I feel like you come at life in a very realistic manner. I enjoy reading how you relate with your children.

    Please don't stop being real! This is your blog. I have learned many things here and think that I may want to be like that when my kids are older.

    Please don't sacrifice the good that comes from your blog because there are a few vocal people who disagree!

    I wish I had the talent of your wording to tell you keep it the way it is!!!!


  5. I wondered what happened to one of your entries. I went back to it to let Jessie read your latest (because apparently they never turn their computer on) and it was gone!
    Turn your comments off and let it all out!!

  6. Love this last line:

    "There is a lot more to me than what meets the blog."

    I think all of us bloggers can relate!! BTW, in case I've never said it: THANKS for being the integral catalyst to my fully jumping into the blog world! I had dragged my feet, on it, for SO long. Thank you!!


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