11 August 2008

Sleep Deprived

Today I had a million ideas for blog posts, and most of them did not include whining. I find that late at night, when the noise of the day stills and the voices in my head of all the demands and expectations have hushed is when the creative me thrives. It is when I do my best writing, my best thinking, my best conversing. This is of course when I'm not cross-eyed sleepy - which I am tonight.
Due to this strange phenomenon, I have also raised three night owls. The afternoon can lag on during the day with people milling around aimlessly, unsure of what to invest themselves in. As the night closes in, paper and pen come out, keyboards begin to click with the a steady cadence of fingers trying to keep pace with thoughts, paint and brush meet canvas, and throughout the house varying forms of music are heard. The hardest part for all of us is trying to maintain things so that Travis' normal schedule can be respected and maintained, as he is the one working to support this creative lifestyle.
For now, tonight I am sleep deprived. Sometimes creativity usurps sleep, but after many, many nights of it and then getting up like normal folk, the candle burning at both ends has met it's match. Tonight I shall sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and night.


  1. We are the same way, we come alive at night.
    I'm a night owl, duh, but so are my kids, well 3 of them are. Kieran goes to bed and wakes up before the rest of us.

    He has Jason's unique ability to sleep for short periods of time and function and he naps easily.

    Jason is my hero and one reason is because he gets up and goes to work so we can live in freedom. We are working on ways to get him more flexibility and therefore more freedom and choices in his day.

    Right now he chooses to go to work so we can live with food, clothing and shelter.

    He deserves to have respect and choices.

    He does sleep pretty soundly but we all know when daddy goes to bed we need to try and be quiet.

    Kudos to Travis!

  2. I find myself most creative at night when I'm about to pass out and well then it all goes away with the sleep. My dreams I think are my most active imaginative times and I wish I could record them in some way. They'd make for some interesting reads. Or my other time to be creative is when I'm driving and well that isn't too helpful.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could turn on/off everyday things to focus on the creativeness sometimes?? Not all the time or it would become abuse.

  3. This reminds me of us. Especially Stacy trying to sleep as Travis does. Lucky for me (and not so lucky some nights when there are emergencies) he sleeps through anything.


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