01 August 2008

Teenage Boys

A couple of days ago I got a message on myspace from Justin - one of those teenage boys I know who has my heart wrapped around his little finger. He was saying we needed to come for a visit soon so that he could "hold" Kullen before he was too big! I guess everybody is reacting to how much older he looks in his recent pictures.
Last night the girls had a "going away" party for the girls they know who were going away to college in just about a week. Kullen called and invited some boys he knew to go and see a movie with him. The boys his age couldn't make it, but some of the teenage boys wanted to go. So, I we made the rounds and picked up a carload of boys, and headed off to see Hellboy II (weird movie - and not about hell at all fyi).
There are several sets of brothers here and it is interesting that they are all friends and really get along well and like one another. I haven't seen any rivalry or any feuding. They were all going that night to spend the night together and have an all nighter of video gaming. The oldest boy of the group - a college student and the oldest of a set of 3 brothers called to ask Kullen if he wanted to stay the night too. Kullen acted pretty cool about it, but I know inside he was screaming for joy! Of course I let him go. The mom called me this morning and told me that he passed out around 8 am. I will pick him up this afternoon when we trek off to yet another party, if he's awake!
I am so happy that he had such a nice time and that there are so many awesome young men to be his role models. It was funny, when I asked them if they were sure they wanted him to come, they said, "Of course! Kullen's awesome!" I think so too - and love them all even more because of it!


  1. Kullen has been a teenage boy since he was 5.

  2. That is so cool and a few weeks ago he didn't have any friends to hang with.
    Things are looking up there in ole TX!

    Something happened and your blog isn't on my reader, dumb thing I'll just add it I guess.


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