11 August 2008


I couldn't sleep so I got up a bit and overheard this:
  • What if this is my world, and I can see you, but other people are watching me watch you?
  • What if you guys are just babbling and I'm deciding what you're saying in my own head?
  • How do I know that your green is the same as my green?
  • What if we never see Howl's Moving Castle again?
  • What if I'm not real?
Kaitlyn was the author of these scary thoughts.
I should've stayed in bed.


  1. It's GOOD to think these thoughts - they're huge, they're expanding, they're 'realer' than most people are thinking!!

  2. Those are awesome.

    What if my red isn't your red???

    What if that chicken isn't really dead yet?

    So much for sleep, I have come to the conclusion that it's highly overrated. This comes from one who doesn't sleep enough... ever.

    Although I woke up at 10:30am and then fell back to sleep until noon and then I felt like a zombie, so I either get too much or not enough and both leave me tired.

    Oh wait this isn't about me!!!!!

  3. Oh gosh, this is Nick through and through. Such deep analyzing questions and I'm just trying to remember what I was going to write down on the grocery list.

    By the way, hubby is color blind. So we never see the same and it always makes me feel sad.


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