13 August 2008

I Did A Really Bad Thing

Tonight Lizbeth and I made a quick run to Walmart for some dog food (the rouse) and chocolate (the real reason for the outing). At the last minute, Kaitlyn wanted to go with us. Nobody noticed that she was gone. After about 45 minutes we were on our way home and Kendra instant messaged me on my phone asking if Kaitlyn was with us. I decided to tease Kendra - and said "no". It only got worse from there. What I didn't know was that it wasn't really Kendra looking for Kaitlyn - but her dad. After a few minutes of this Kullen calls me and tells me that Travis is upset and had just driven off to go find Kaitlyn. Uh oh.
We rounded the corner and saw his car round the other corner more or less on two wheels. It wasn't a pretty scene. Foul words and yelling. Bad scene. Very bad.
In honesty, it was a joke. He was just so scared. He said that next he was going door to door in our neighborhood and would hurt anyone that even looked wrong. I apologized and he knows that his reaction was because he was really upset. Over the years he has played a prank or two of this severity about our kids on me, but I doubt that either of us will ever do it again.
I'm so sorry.


  1. oops- maybe you will all have a good laugh about it- in 5 years or so...

  2. O man that is rough! You didn't know it was Travis and dads definitely freak well so do moms. A few weeks ago I went to the store and had 3 kids with me I usually just have Jared.
    Jason called but my phone didn't ring, stupid store, anyway when I got out he called again to ask me if I had the kids. I said yes but he tought tey were outside and couldn't find them and I thought I told him they were coming.

    Anyway we play jokes on each other too so I do understand and I hope Travis forgave you by now.
    Time for lighter pranks, huh?

  3. remember my H key is missing and if I don't press it real Hard there is no H.
    I don't typo for laughs I'm too much of a perfectionist for that.

  4. Christiana and I were just talking last night about the worst thing in the whole world being losing one of your children (there was a news story about a kidnapping.) I feel for Travis - he probably aged about ten years in those few moments.
    He'll forgive you, though. He is a good guy.
    Halfmoon is right - maybe you will have a good laugh about it - in five years :)

  5. oops! Tav would've killed me.

    I do hope you enjoyed the chocolate though. What did you get?

  6. I know right where you are in TX! I grew up nearby in Houston. What a crazy city, but lots of interesting things going on and unschoolers as well. Do you have many unschoolers in your area?

    I found you on RUN NING. ;)


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