24 September 2005

Hectic Ecclectic Saturday

Today has been so far just such a mixture of things - I hardly know where to start. I hardly slept last night for worry about my in-laws. I slept with the television on, which is not the most restful way to sleep. I woke up around 6 am with a start, because we had people coming to see our house - which is still for sale - but I thought they were coming at 9 am - and Travis informed me AFTER I got ready that it was between 10 and 11. I checked my email to find out that Travis' family was fine - expecting some bad storms and wind, but not in any eminent danger. (Thank You Lord!) It was such a nice surprise to have a crisp, cool morning. I love it! A friend called and asked me to run to town with her, so I dropped Kullen off to play with a friend, being that he was the only kid home this morning. We went to Walmart and did some shopping - I got an autumn throw with a design of leaves on it. Then I picked the girls and Kullen up from their various locations - and we all went to try out for the play "Miracle on 34th Street" at the local theater. We were the first ones there so it went pretty quick. I didn't audition for any specific parts - but they had me read for about four different ones. I am not sure if I hope I get a part or not. I would really enjoy it - but it would mean we were committed to being here until the 12th of December. It's kind of complicated. While I waited for al lthe kids to audition, I read through a Susan Branch book called Autumn - with recipes, gift ideas, and seasonal suggestions. It was really interesting. This evening, Kendra is having her sr. high youth group friends over for a while - and I am going with Kaitlyn to my friend Tina's house where the jr. high group is having a "Hillbilly Hangout". We are cooking hot dogs on sticks, backed potatoes in the fire, making smores and playing games - and just hangin' around! What a day! I am sure that I will be sleeping well tonight!

I hope you're having a lovely autumn day too!

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