06 September 2005


It has gotten relatively cool in the evenings here - and since we left the windows open all night, it is pretty chilly this morning. (I love it!) But my crazy daughter, Kendra has decided that it is time to start singing Christmas music. She is walking through the house singing "And so I'm offering this simple phrase....." So I would like to send her a message via this blog -

People looking at our house for sale
Keeping it clean is quite a chore
School is starting in just an hour
And someone's knocking at the door
I'm in my pajamas and not awake
The coffee has not yet hit my brain
And if you sing songs about Christmas yet
I think I just might go insane
And so if you sing the Christmas songs -
You'll find yourself grounded in your room
I really don't mean to be a Grinch
But I don't want Christmas to come too soon!!!!!

AAAAHHHHK! I can't even think of Christmas yet - and when I do - I can't bear to think of how different it will be in Texas. Just give me a break!

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