01 September 2005

What is a Blog?

Until about three months ago, I had never heard this term. Then one day I was on a yahoo group, and someone posted a “check out my blog” link. Wondering what a blog was, and being somewhat interested based on the content of the other posts this person had made, I clicked. I was transfixed! This lady had pictures of her family, and writings from her heart. It was so cool. So then I started searching for blog sites. I tried to get one with blogger – signed up and then basically could NOT figure it out. I really wasn’t wanting something I had to work that hard for in my life at that time. Then, about a month or so ago, I stumbled on another “check out my blog” link that led me to Homeschoolblogger. I signed up for my free account and I got hooked!

Now, I’m not sure what it is about a blog – but not everybody understands it. My husband cringes at the word “blog” which makes me playfully want to say it as much as possible! My girls have caught the bug – and love working on their blogs as well, and so have some of my friends. But others don’t understand it at all. “Why would you want to write stuff about yourself and your family and put it on the internet?” “Who would want to read things that are going on inside of your little head?” “How safe is it to put things out there about yourself?” I think that there are two types of people - those of us who GET blogging – and those who don’t. I have tried to scan other types of blogs – and while they are occasionally interesting, they don’t encourage me and inspire me like those of you who are my buddies here at Homeschoolblogger. We are mainly cut from the same mold – we are mothers, many are wives, a great many are Christian, we are all homemakers – and we have so much to share and learn from each other! The rest of the world who sit at their computer screens, scratching their heads, can keep on scratching, while we are blogging our little hearts out!

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