16 September 2005

Kudos to Homeschoolers

Yesterday, my husband was helping a friend at the school where I went when I was in junior high school. When I went to pick him up in the afternoon, there were no students there any more and so he waved for me and the kids to come inside. It was so neat to be able to show the kids around where I used to go to school, and remember that there are good reasons why my husband and I chose to keep them home! It was kind of neat to be in those same hallways twenty years later with my girls who are the same age I was when I went there, and to know how innocent they are of much that went on for me during my years in that school. We walked along - in this very old school building - and much of it is the same as it was when I was a student in the early 80s. There is an elevator where a hallway used to be, and there are some new additions - but I was amazed at how very small the auditorium and lunchroom seem to me now. As we were walking along, we ran into a male teacher - and Travis explained pointing at me, that I went there when I was in jr. high school. So he starts asking questions - when did I go there - and I said a long time ago. And Travis said that we wanted to show our kids where their mom went to school because they don't go to that school - and I just sort of held my breath. I knew what question was coming next. "So where do you guys to go to school?" he asks looking at my girls. Kendra hesitates and for a moment in suspended animation I see her lips move slowly and hear it in slightly warped sound, "We're homeschooled." I shouldn't cringe - I really shouldn't - we are legally within our rights to homeschool our children - I believe in what we're doing but I HATE CONFRONTATION! This guy perks right up and says, "Well then, you're probably smarter than most of the students here!!!" We all laugh, and Travis says, "Remember YOU said it!" It was pretty funny. I just wanted to share it with those of you in the trenches of pioneer homeschooling with me! Endorsement from a public school teacher is nothing short of miraculous!

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