23 September 2005

"Scary" Movie

My daughter Kendra added a post to her blog about our going to see the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose and I posted a comment which I want to add here - in case anyone is interested. I have made some choices that other homeschoolers and Christians don't agree with - in order to expose my children to the reality of the world that we live in with the protection and guidance of their parent's wisdom. Just wanted to share - and would like to hear what you think:

This is Kendra's mom - I don't think I could say that I "liked" the movie. It was a sad movie that someone's life could be so crippled by evil at such a very young age - and all of the un-Biblical ways in which they attempted to rid her life of those things. I am not Catholic and I don't know where the pracitce of "exorcism" comes from - I would like to study it further. I think that the movie was educational to watch WITH my kids and discuss the things that happened - not for the thrill factor of a scary movie - which truthfully I could leave alone. The spiritual world, that we can't see with our naked eyes is very real - Satan does want to undo us as believers - just read the book of Job - or think of the instance in the Bible where Jesus tells Peter that Satan desires to sift him like wheat - and where the Word tells us that Satan prowls around like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour. Those things are a reality - but as believers, those in whom Christ's spirit dwells, we don't have to fear. The lion is really a toothless little kitty-cat with no power to harm us when we confront him in the name of Jesus Christ. This movie was interesting - but I remember watching the Exorcist as a kid- and I was afraid. I was afraid because I did not know the reality of the spiritual realm - and the truth of God that tells us Satan's days are numbered. If he should ever threaten you - remind him that the end of the story is written - and we know who wins! I think that parents who know their teenagers (not for children AT ALL) won't be crippled with fear would find this an excellent movie to view WITH them - and discuss the realities of the spiritual world and the faulty practices of exorcism.
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This is why I love this community so much - in replying to a comment by hippiechyck my thoughts rounded out a little more, and since they have to do with this post - I had to share more of my thinking and insight on this particular issue:
- I have a propensity for legalism - rules seem safe. And yet in doing so I am not using opportunities to train my children to think Biblically about the world around them. I have an uncle and aunt who have eight kids - and only one of them even attends church now after growing up in a legalistic/churchianity environment. They were never taught discernment or given opportunities to safely practice it. It takes thought, and a conscientious communication with the Lord to weigh and measure these things for our lives, and yet - I think it is so dangerous to draw a hard and fast line - with little thinking involved. The evil in the world will only increase - finding new ways all the time to try and intoxicate our children's hearts. If we only teach them to OBEY without teaching them to THINK - they will be lost without our guidance. We only have such a very short time to do this job. I pray I will do it well, in spite of myself.

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