19 September 2005

Counting My Blessings

In JenIG's blog, she posted a list of counting her blessings - and has inserted a song into my head about it! But wouldn'tcha know, the Lord knew I needed to stumble on her blog, and change my perspective. I have been discouraged lately - not truly living here and not moved on yet. When I get caught up in discouragement, I forget to see what He is trying to teach me through the struggle. Soon I will be posting my sermon notes from yesterday - which was also a great encouragement. Thank you Lord for always speaking precious words to my heart just when I need to hear them - YOU truly are awesome!

Here is my list of current blessings -
1- Travis - faithful, hard-working husband of an emotionally needy me - he tries his best, and with the Lord's help, our marriage seems to be getting better every day (this is a MIRACLE!) --- AND yesterday he bought me a Caramel MOOlatte at Dairy Queen!!!
2- I will not be discouraged about having only ONE car, but thankful that I have it
3 - Three incredible kids who are the joy of my days - the reason I get up and get going in the morning
4 - Friends to share my life with - to laugh, cry and sort it all out with
5 - Chocolate - and all its medicinal properties
6 - Creation and all its beauty - and how the Lord reveals Himself in new ways through it all the time
7 - A warm bed to sleep in every night next to a husband who loves me - and often with three other people piled all around - they haven't seemed to notice how BIG they are!!
8 - The opportunity I have to have my children at home with me every day - sharing my values, passing on my skills, giving them a rich heritage that is our family
9 - Living in a country where I can be a Christian without fear of persecution - even if it may not always be that way
10- Jesus - the Lover of my soul, my Prince of Peace, my Strong Tower and fortress, my Rock, my Hiding Place, my Redeemer - the whole rest of the list is nothing compared to Him!

Thanks JenIG for remind me to stop and take a look at what really matters the most!

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