14 September 2005

My Boy's Birthday

It is so hard to let our children grow up - and I think that especially applies to the baby of the family. Kullen turned 8 years old yesterday. Monday night we had a birthday party for him at the roller rink - and it was a blast. He thanked his daddy and I over and over again for giving him such a great party.

One thing I think is really neat is that many of the kids who came to the party are teenagers. That is one of the blessings I have found as a homeschool mom is that my children are well socialized, but their companions aren't always their own age. Sometimes they have playmates that are older than they are, and other times they are happy to play with the baby someone brings along. I have also seen them content to sit and talk with an elderly person, asking questions and getting a rich education about life outside of their own little reality.

Yesterday we went to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore for their Homeschool Day. It is one of Kullen's favorite places, so it seems appropriate that we would spend his birthday there. At lunch time, I just sat for a little while looking at him, thinking how I could hardly tell you where the eight years since he was born have gone. He is such a boy now - and no longer a baby. When I got a moment I grabbed him on my lap and asked him if he was sure he had to turn eight. He said in a sad voice, "Mom, I can't help it!" which made me smile. I whispered to him that we would just tell everyone else that he was eight, but that he could stay seven for just a little longer for me! We made a pinkie promise on it!

I know that one of our jobs is to raise our children to be independent of us one day, but as they each grow older, I am becoming acutely aware of how quickly that day is approaching. Motherhood - although for a lifetime, our children young and living at home is only for a season - with the Lord's help - I am going to spend every day as if that day to release them were tomorrow!

Here is a picture of me and my boy reading together the day before his birthday!!!

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