09 September 2005

It's Happening - Fall is Here!

The evenings have started getting cooler - so we've opened up our windows - and only for the hour around dinner time is it warm enough to want the AC on. It is starting to get dark earlier in the evening, and school has started back up for public school kids and homeschoolers alike. I have been in denial as all these things are happening - because it will be ten times harder to pull away from my little house in the big woods if the trees are covered with fall foliage, but the other day I spotted the first specks of color coming to my trees! (See the picture above!) My house has a full basment, and it puts the rest of the house out of the ground about seven steps in the front, but because of the slope of the land, we are at a second story level in the back - and with the view from every window in this house - you feel like you're in a treehouse! So, when those fall leaves come bursting forth, it just takes your breath away. I remember my grandmother coming to visit us shortly after we moved in during the month of September 1998, and sitting in the rocking chair by my front window, which is a large window seat - and saying that she had never been anywhere more beautiful and peaceful. The only sound through the open windows was the rustling of leaves, and the sound of scampering squirrels. I have always loved fall - but here I have loved it even more. I am going to miss it terribly. My first instinct is to feel like I am undergoing torture, but if we trust the Lord's timing is perfect, maybe allowing me to experience a fall here - at least a part of it - one last time is a gift, and not a curse.

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