15 September 2008

A Post Not From My Phone

Today is the first chance I've had to actually look at my blog. How funny it is to see that I virtually took you with me along the way. It is pretty difficult to type too much on that Blackberry QWERTY keyboard - but I tried to keep everyone that might care posted about what we were doing and where we were. I hope you enjoyed it more than I did! Just kidding - actually it was an adventure - and truth be told - I'm always up for anything that breaks up the monotony of my life - however I may rethink the whole hurricane/evacuation thing.
I am starting to catch up on sleep - got a solid 8 hours last night. I am still amazed and think it is a blessing from the Lord that the missed night of sleep didn't impact me harder than it did. I was tired - don't get me wrong. I got all the way to NC and pulled over to try to sleep - but I just couldn't - between the excitement of being "almost here" and the adrenaline and noise of the kids it just wasn't happening.
I spent the weekend off my computer. I got direct orders from my big boss not to worry about anything but my family for a few days - and I did just that. I enjoyed my family. We went to a football game on Saturday morning and celebrated Kullen's birthday that afternoon. Yesterday we went to church and I got to sit between my sister and my dad, and words can't describe that feeling of living an answered prayer.
In some ways it felt bad - I hate knowing that Travis has no electricity and for a time had no water while we are enjoying our family. It was his choice - but all the same my heart was with him all the way. There is still no electricity and the estimates tell us 3 weeks to a month. I hope it is an inflated estimate.
Watching the news this morning, I can't believe how many people refused to evacuate south of us. Where I live it may have been understandable - but on that coast, I just can't imagine.
More later - thanks for hanging with my singularly focused blog for a while.


  1. Jules- I'm glad you are safe and we will continue yo pray for your family. Be safe- Love ya- Sansy

  2. Keep thinking of you so often. Wondering. Be safe.

  3. That's cool about your dad and church...you and I have similar backgrounds on that father/daughter relationship. How cool...

  4. Thank you for keeping us posted on how things are. We are praying for you all and Travis during this. Let us know if we can do anything. Love you all!!!!

  5. 3-4 weeks with no electricty! I hope it's sooner than that. Looks like Kullen had a great day anyway.

  6. How long were you guys actually without power? We were told it would be coming on this weekend, Oct. 10th, but it actually was on just over a week after Ike had hit. They guys who fixed our lines were from Jacksonville, FL.


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