10 September 2008

Amazon, not Amazing

I have always loved Amazon.com. Being a bit of a book junkie - I have found I can get the books I want there at a fairly decent rate. I don't love the $3.99 shipping charge, but having no libraries around, and preferring paperbacks that are already broken in (ie. used), it is a worthwhile charge to get mailbox delivery.
Today I decided for the first time to buy an MP3 album - Natalie Cole's new Still Unforgettable. It looked like all I had to do was download a downloader (say that 3 times real fast), go through the checkout process and I would be set to go! Not. Somehow the download stopped halfway through. I searched for access to the download again in my account and could not find it, so I tried to look at the FAQs about MP3 downloads that said I would have to contact customer service to get access to the download again. They had a handy dandy little button that said, "Call me" so I clicked it and within seconds my phone was ringing.
They said to call back in half an hour.
I did.
They said to call back in an hour.
I waited 3.
They said to call back in half an hour again.
One of the cool things about the MP3 download is that you have it quick. I need me some Natalie Cole! Waaaaahhh!
Anyway - not too impressed with this process thus far. Hopefully I can get some resolution, but it sure would be nice if they made it so you could get access to your downloads at least more than once on the day you make the purchase if problems such as these that arise.
Not too impressed yet, nope nope nope.

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