01 September 2008


Well Gustav has proved to be gustless, at least as far as east Texas is concerned. I know that Louisiana got slammed. I guess it would be inappropriate to thank them for taking the wind out of his sails. I am thankful nonetheless that it turned out not to be too much for us. House intact. Hubby safely at home in bed, possibly going to work tomorrow. Kids and I spent hours with Memaw Myrtice and Great Aunt Julia playing "Golf" (card game with 9 cards that Lizbeth taught us years ago) and Apples to Apples. There was chocolate. All in all not a bad deal.
I was displaced from my bed for a couple of days. Not growing up in a house of hunters, I laid near the hearth here last night under a deer head and fell asleep worrying about being impaled by the antlers if it fell off the wall in the middle of the night.
I just want to go home. It gives me great compassion for those who are not in their own beds tonight, and won't be "home" for a while to come. I have always wondered why people choose to live in areas that are often ravaged by tropical storms, near fault lines, etc. Now I know - it is because there is no place like home, wherever that may be.
Tropical storm Gustav has not blown through this area yet, but when he does, it is sure to be anti-climatic.


  1. I'm glad it died down before it hit, it did enough damage in LA. They are tracking more storms right now.
    Jason and I have discussed the idea of why people live in these areas, your point is a good one I guess it's worth it in the off weather seasons :)
    We lived in CA and didn't experience an earthquake, we lived in PA and had tornadoes very close to us, we moved to TN and have been very fortunate to not have tornadoes here. Yes they are around us, just not where we live. The NY snow and the AZ heat, I've lived in FL too.
    What is my point? Who knows :)

  2. anti climactic is good when it comes to hurricanes.

  3. I'm so glad that everything has turned out alright. You were in our talks this weekend.

  4. Hey Juls, rainy day Tuesday.

    I understand why people live on the coast. I'd be there if circumstances would allow. Corpus Christi! Yeah! Nothing like the ocean to clear minds and sinuses.

    What I never understand is why people who live on the coast are so unprepared and build things so unlikely to withstand the storm. Few people even store plywood. When we almost got hit by Gilbert... was that his name?... our landlord scrounged old boards to put over our house's windows, didn't even cover them. Plywood prices quadrupled. People freaked. Go figure. Look at Galveston, big un-covered plate glass windows without shutters.

    Enjoy being back home. Maybe the diversion helped you slow down a little?

    My kids and I dug drainage ditches, a job that needed doing long ago. And picked up and got ready for the blow. At least the porch and yard are clean! I'm a little disappointed, though. I'd been looking forward to my wife being off work and being hold up in a dark house for a few hours playing dominoes by candle-light. But, alas, she's off to work and the kids did their school thing this morning and I, as usual, am drifting downstream holding on to a leaky truck tube.


  5. I'm glad he didn't meet your expectations!

  6. Hey, I like anti-climactic storms. There's almost nothin' better, especially, when you're in their path! Blessings, friend; and welcome home!


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