22 September 2008

There Won't Be Much Blogging

This week is getting so crazy - invitations and opportunities to hang with some of the most awesome people - and quite a few that may not even know we're here yet. I feel pulled and torn. It is a great feeling - and terrifying. What if someone gets their feelings hurt, feels slighted, wants more of our time than we have to give. In fact, I'm supposed to be in FOUR different places right now! How do I manage this? I don't even think very sequentially, and tend to be the kind of person that goes where the wind blows me. (Thus Hurricane Ike's ability to blow me to WV by way of NC.) There are lunch dates and book discussions, parties and cookouts. One big huge problem is that last night I started to feel like I have gravel in my throat, my ears started to itch, and I was sneezing. I was hoping it was just being around some new animals at the Dimwhits Home for Freakish Animals but no such luck - I am definitely getting sick. But I'm also in denial. I am going to go go go until I crash. (A hospital stay might buy me a few more days anyway! ha ha)
Take care my blogging buddies - if you hear nary a word from me - you'll know why. There will be lots to tell later!


  1. I love you Julie and hope you have a BLAST while you're there. I also hope you don't feel too sick to enjoy yourself. I can relate to the needing to be four places at once. I've found myself in that situation many times, lol.

  2. Have lots of fun but get some rest! I'm so glad you got to go to WV.

  3. "Gesundheit" & heartfelt apologies from Bernie, Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly, Jaxon, Sylvia Plath, Nacho, Zuni, Yoko, Sophie & Butterscotch at The Dimwhits Home for Freakish Animals. hehehe

  4. Glad you made it back, enjoy your time and indulge!

  5. Glad FUN is on your "to do" list!!


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