11 September 2008

Evacuating Again

The counties just to the south of us are being evacuated, as is most of the Gulf coast. This is absolutely overwhelming to go through this again. I really don't know what to do at this point. The worst part is that Saturday is Kullen's birthday. We were going to have a surprise party. (If you were invited to this - please know that we are postponing!) He hasn't had a really fun birthday since we moved. Dang! He already got his birthday gift - a new cell phone, but I'd still like to make his day special. Any ideas how to do this amidst a hurricane and possible evacuation?


  1. Ideas for Kullen's party:

    1.Evacuate to Hawaii or some other fabulous vacation area.

    2. Evacuate by taking everyone invited to the party with you.

    3. Don't evacuate and take up surfing

    I personally like number 2 just get a bus and take a road trip. LOL!!!

    You know I'm kidding right? I hope and will pray that you and your family will be safe. I'm sorry you have to go through this.
    Chelle (tripletsrajoy)

  2. PHOOEY!
    That damn hurricane keeps changing paths I hope it weakens by the time it hits land.

    You could ask him if he wanted a special meal or ask him what he wants to do. Is there anywhere you could go to have a fun day?

  3. We've done birthdays on the road. We usually let the kids pick the restaurant they want to go to. Then, if there was to be a party, it was just on a different date. Not as exciting as Chelle's ideas. I'd take her advice - especially #1. :)

  4. ...Keep driving Northeast & have his party HERE on Saturday! :)


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