09 September 2008

Counting My Blessings

I have some of the most terrific online friends in an online group. They have been teaching me to think about the things that are good in my life. Sometimes it has to come back to the basics of clean water, safety to sit on my front porch, blooming bushes. Then we have the luxuries of hot water, air conditioning, a vehicle, friends. Today I am feeling just a little under a cloud. Life is feeling a little deflated since all of our company is gone, and I am struggling to see these blessings. The thing I am most thankful for today are those friends who will always show me what I am having trouble seeing. RCU women - you rock!


  1. I just read about Jett at Steph's. One blessing...bingo!!!

  2. You know we love you and are here for you!

    I need to count the little blessings too, you know things have been rough around here but we'll get through it. God is always with us and in us.

  3. I need to count my blessings. Perhaps its time for the list again. I know one is the wonderful friends that I have. Love you Julie.

  4. Rejoice in the Lord always! Not in all the hard things going on in your life. Rejoice in the Lord who knows what's going on in your life. He knows your thoughts and your needs. He collects your tears in a bottle. He cares deeply about your. Rejoice in the Lord! You're on the right track. Keep counting those blessings! Love you!!

  5. Hang in there, Julie.
    (Don't forget to count relationship over religion, as one of those great blessings. At least you no longer have all the rules to live up to.)
    Yee haw!!


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