04 September 2008

Politically Incorrect

Politically speaking, on some issues I'm finding myself too conservative for liberals and too liberal for conservatives. I am finding that I cannot even make many assumptions about myself. It isn't a matter of being double minded - but a split right down the middle. It comes down to weighing several issues that I am equally concerned about - one leading me one direction and one leading me the other. Oh Ron Paul, wherefore art thou?


  1. i can totally relate.
    the elections are becoming more and more of a joke. the qualified candidates are weeded out early on leaving us with a bunch of duds from which we are forced to select the lesser evil. i hate election time.

  2. I'm right there with you, Julie. I wish we had a more moderate party candidate.

  3. HAHA!
    I know, I know.
    Why don't you speak up on the political discussion group?

    I'm torn also, I would never vote for Obama, I can't put another socialist in the white house. McCain was not my first choice or my 2nd :)
    Palin brings good stuff to the plate but she will just be VP. I watched her speak last night and will watch McCain tonight.

  4. Well, John McCain is a pretty liberal Republican. I am right with Stephanie. Torn is not the word for me though. I would never vote for Obama either. I'm more disappointed that we don't have a more conservative Republican to vote for.

  5. We most likely have an election coming up next month. When it comes to my vote, I have a few issues that I feel really strongly about- moral ones. I vote for whoever stands up for them- which usually is our Conservative Party.

  6. Hey, Juls! Can you be more specific?

    I'm as left-wing as they come with the single exception of education. I do not align myself with the liberal, extremist, take-our-kids-away teachers unions. Otherwise I find everything about the so-called "conservative" (...can't write the words here...) people the epitome of self-righteous evil.

    OK, so everything else that comes to mind is less nice than that and Jesus/Buddha are already unhappy with my political attitudes (but not viewpoints, I'm quite sure) so I'll save the invective for my blog.

    I will say that it's extremely naive to think the "conservative" party really cares about those "moral" issues. They use the platforms to sucker religious people when their goal is something else entirely and their own morality is non-existent. Immorality is worse now than ever. We're living in a pornographic horror movie. And who has been sitting at the helm?

    OK, well, sorry, um... so I got wound up.

    Feel free to chunk this post and I'll write one a little more mild. (*.*)



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