03 September 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

My brother, Rob! I can't wait. Not just for dinner but for a couple of days! He doesn't always make this goofy face - but he is known for his off the cuff expressions. He called the other day and told me three of the most hilarious jokes. He never forgets one. Rob was working in a shelter in Mississippi during Hurricane Gustav, and now has a few days off to come for a visit. My sister, Laurie and I were texting the other night during the worst of the storm for MS and saying how lucky the people were who were in that shelter with him. He is calm, assertive, outgoing, and probably had them all laughing their butts off. I can't wait to see my baby brother. He is only 15 months younger than me, but boy does he like to rub that in!


  1. Sounds like you have a great younger brother. I'm glad you will get to spend some time together.

  2. Hey,... WAY cool!!
    Tell him "THANKS!" for his service!!
    Hope you enjoy every ounce of time with him!!

  3. Juls, I'm SO glad you commented on my blog, it's so good to see you again :)

    As for your question LOL I have no idea why I'm not fat, I mean I'm not exactly thin either but LOL

  4. That is so cool. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

  5. I'm so happy for you. First Lizbeth and now your brother. This has been a good month for you guys.


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