25 September 2008

The Truest Love

Two of Kendra and Kaitlyn's dearest friends are Tayva and Jessie. Kendra has had a hard last couple of days for various reasons that ended in a good cry today. As soon as I left the room the girls descended on her and they have been laying in there for an hour or better reminiscing about old times, and laughing their heads off. You can love a boyfriends but that kind of love can be fickle - girlfriends are the truest love!

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  1. Nothing like a girlfriend after a good,long cry. It's therapy...stronger than retail therapy even!


  2. A good scene from the movie "The Women'...After being split apart for several weeks after a fracture in their friendship, Meg Ryan who is going thru a painful divorce meets back up with her best friend Annette Benning. She says that things have been awful, that it feels like the phantom pain when a limb is removed but you can still feel it's there. Her friend says she knows how hard the marriage ending must be. Meg Ryan says, "What? No. I meant US." Boyfriends come & go but real girlfriends stay forever no matter how far away.

  3. Girlfriends are the best!


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