16 September 2008

Hurricane Sale

I have had the Master Plan on sale before - you can see it on my right sidebar. Normally it is $37.95. With the limited cash flow and no idea when our next paychecks will come in, I have decided to generate a little by having a sale. For a limited time, both the Master Plan and my newly released components which normally sell for $9.99 are on sale.
The Calendar Component is a dated calendar supplement for 2008-2009. It contains monthly, weekly and daily pages. The Budgeting Component contains all the information for planning your household finances. Both of these components are interactive like the Master Plan allowing you to fill in your personalized information and either print out the customized pages or use it solely on your computer.
Please send others my way. I have a pretty quick turn around and should be able to email the file within a few hours after purchase. (Usually I'm much quicker than that!)


  1. I posted on my blog for you :)
    Love ya girl!

  2. Is there any way to get a sneak peek inside the master planner before we buy it? Maybe see what the pages will look like, etc.?

  3. You can view a sample here -


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