25 October 2008

Who Do You Follow?

I was wondering this the other day - before I wrote that last post about the "Family First" (tongue in cheek) motto. When I say following, I don't mean the blogs that you follow such as the little faces that appear in the widget on the sidebar to the right. When I say who do you follow I mean, what sources of information, advice, wisdom, etc. do you allow to have an influence over your thoughts and actions?
I have so much to say here regarding things that I have been holding back for the last couple of years, and I hope that I can bring it out in a way that is coherent. Why did I hold back, you ask? Because my blog was being monitored. My association with my former employer allowed them to put themselves in a position of "authority" over me. Why did I allow it? Pure and simple - our family needed the income. But, what boggles the mind are the masses that have allowed this same entity to have authority over them. It is so subtle that people hardly realize that it is happening. They buy what they are told to buy. They boycott what they are told to boycott. People don't want to think for themselves - they want a trusted source to do the footwork for them.
Drink the grape kool-aid. Just drink it. Don't ask any questions.
I am sure that sounds a bit extreme. After all nobody has tried to kill anybody.
But here is the thing - these people don't care about your family. I know they didn't care about mine. What they care about is bringing in money for their own family, and they want to keep you close because they know where you are there your wallet will be also. They are marketing to you using your identity as a Christian and homeschooler to pick your pocket.
I am tired of those that use Christianity as a marketing tool.
I am sick of others judging my relationship with Christ based on their man-made standard.
I am concerned that there are so many who are willing to follow these people who will set themselves up as authorities in your life - telling you what to read, what to do, when to do it, and to follow them.
Be exceedingly careful who you follow.


  1. Very good thoughts Jewls!

    You know that I don't blindly follow anyone or anything. Ya know we've been wondering how so many people get indoctrinated (brainwashed) and how some of us see through it and get out of it and so many don't. It starts with public school,the dumbing down in this country is atrocious. People don't know how to think for themselves it's just ingrained to do as they are told, little cogs in society. Bell rings time to move on, dumb dumb dumb, it has to do with religious indoctrination too.
    I wish more people would stop following and start leading or at least thinking and taking responsibility and not relying on the government to do it for them.
    Oh sorry I went off a bit didn't I?

  2. One more thing while on on a hormonal roll, I can't get used to justjuls, you are jewls damnit,.
    Just had to tell you it bothers me, but hey do what you want you can think for yourself, HA HA!

  3. Posted this in the comments on your last post and I'm posting it again because people really should know. http://intothesunrise.blogspot.com/2006/02/boycott-old-schoolhouse-and.html

    Thanks Juls for speaking out. Now that you're out from under their thumb I'd really love for you to expose them for what they are.

  4. Julie that really sucks. I have found that some people use their Christian beliefs as a way to be a$$holes. Like it's ok for them to act that way because God is on their side! It's not right and it gives decent Christians a bad name! I'm sure that there is something better coming for you :-)

  5. Ohhh, excellent, excellent post, Julie!! We have been talking about this more and more, my daughter and I, along with several of her friends. We just saw High School Musical 3 night before last and although it's public high school, I greatly respect the wonderful messages they have about following your heart and being who you uniquely are, going after your dreams, etc. It really stirs us up to continue pressing on. As always, thank you for putting it in down in words, so beautifully. I'm very sorry to hear of what's happened with your former employer.

    Stephanie, WELL SAID!!! *applauds* I completely agree!

  6. Mr. Magorium. That's who I'm following. Sometimes Peter Pan. Am kinda freaked out though cuz was JUST thinking in the store today how much I LOVE grape kool-aid! HAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry...what were you saying?...

  7. I love it when you get all worked up like this!
    Honestly, I have had a problem with them for a long time and okay..Vision Forum scares me too.

  8. At last years Live and Learn unschooling conference I really wanted to buy the bumper sticker that reads: "Focus on your own damn family", but I didn't want to offend all the "followers". Instead I got, "World peace begins at home. Be nicer to your kids." I so agree that people need to learn to think for themselves. That's why God gave us our brains in the first place, right?!

  9. Wow, this resonates so much, especially in my current life.

    Keep talking. I'm listening. :) :)

  10. I tried to leave comments earlier, but it wouldn't let me. Trying again:
    Good words, Julie.
    I couldn't agree more!

  11. Yep, it all boils down to $$$, doesn't it? Sad.



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