28 October 2008

In Case You Missed This Last Fall...

A recipe Pumpkin Dip. This is some seriously dangerous stuff. Coming from someone who spent the first 25+ years of my life loathing the orange gourd and everyone who tried to cram its pie down my throat - this is really saying something. This dip is amazing - and served with Ginger Snaps is second to none! It is THE BEST fall treat!


  1. holy cow that looks good!!!!

  2. oh, yummmmmmmm.... i love anything pumpkin! i've been meaning to get a pumpkin pie blizzard from dq... i'd better do it before it's gone. :)

  3. I love this stuff!!! thanks for sharing.

  4. You SAVED me this afternoon. We just returned from vacation, had no food in the house, and had a neighborhood potluck gathering this evening before the Halloween adventures. I ended up taking this!! Thanks! Very good - reserved a bit at home for us.

  5. just popping over to get this recipe again! Making it for Thanksgiving.


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