02 October 2008

Never Too Old for the Playground

The week was so long that by the end of it I was petering out. My friend Tina says that I was making some "out of character" Freudian-slip type errors - losing my debit card, my keys. She is right - this is very unlike me. We had a couple of kids that had attached themselves to us and didn't want to let go - and no money to do anything so we decided to head for a couple of hours that we had to kill to the local playground. As you can see here, they had no difficulty remembering how to play! I just love this picture - it is one of my all-time favorites. Happy times. Good friends.


  1. AW. Ain't they cute. The one in front is a little frightening. It was nice of you to include him in the picture with all the normal children. And yes, having to be the one for a change asking YOU if you have your wallet, debit card, keys was a very freakish role reversal.:)Scary being the grownup. I had no idea. :)I like our original arrangement much better. As you have always said,"You can't be me, I'm already taken." Love you & miss you. You left a little piece of your heart here, but we will take good care of it until we see you again.

  2. Awww. Cute. I'm sad with you about having to leave your friends. I saw all the pics. Beautiful area, maybe I'll get to see it if we move back to DC.

  3. Ahh, makes my heart long for home...thanks for sharing this. :o)

  4. FREAKING WORK! If it wasn't for work I would be in there too!

    oh well... I miss you!


  5. As I view the pix of West Virginia, all kinds of memories came crashing in on me. I'm wondering if that's the same playground that I played at so many times? Is it the one with small, medum and large slides? The views were absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you had a wonderful visit.


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