01 October 2008

Take a Breath

We packed a year and a half of visiting into a week. It was mayhem. I didn't even want to sleep. It was terrible - and there was this foreboding that hung over every moment - the knowledge that we wouldn't be staying and the sense of not wanting to go that made it all so bittersweet. Again we fell back in with some as if we had never left. With others it was sort of a "getting to know you" period all over again. For the most part, it was just home. The beauty of the hills and river of my mountain home. I miss it so terribly. I loved the leaves falling as you drove by, the crispness of the morning and evening air. It was almost too much to take in, and yet I wanted to take it all in so long and deep that I could be away for a while again and not feel it lacking. We all know that this is not possible.
We had parties, cook-outs, late night card games, pranking, walks, and endless moments of laughter. There are so many pictures here. I need some time to process it all. I am enjoying this week with my family again before making that endless trek back to Texas. A journey you don't want to make feels twice as long.


  1. I will pay good money for the "cuddle time" picture. HAHAHAHA Sorry I missed that. :) You are still a Barrel of Monkeys.

  2. There is a bright spot on that trek to TX!

  3. It was so good to see you.
    Have safe travels. Maybe Texas still hold some good surprises for you? I hope so.

  4. We had such a wonderful time with you all!! I'm so glad God brought you safely to us and I know he will return you safely home. We will see you again and remember that everything here is temporary for we will have an eternity together. You won't be able to get away from us then ;)

  5. That pic is beautiful- I am a green mountain loving girl myself, so I am feeling for you. Glad you are having such a great visit. I hope that in some way you will find Texas tugging on your heartstrings when you return.

  6. Wow, looks beautiful! We don't have that kind of view from my neck of the woods...

  7. Aw great! Now she'll probably NEVER want to come back and meet me. (You better at least come back and stay long enough for us to meet.) :)

    Honestly, I'm so glad you've been having a great time. It sounds like your life has been rich with incredible friendships, and that's hard to come by.

    Seeing the pics of your kids makes me long for the day when I can watch and relate to mine as pre-adults. They look like so much fun!!


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