08 October 2005

PLEASE Mom, Can We KEEP Him?

My answer was, "Ask your father!" Guess what he said? I never would have expected it - THE MAN SAID "YES!" I didn't see that coming!!! Undone by my own husband! We went to a rainy and dreary fall festival today and instead of candy, pumpkins, and bellies full of hot homemade soup, we came home with this.............

He's an adorable black lab/german shepherd/golden lab mix - a mutt basically - and we love mutts. We have found them always to be the best dogs.

But here's the deal - Kullen has asthma and is allergic to dogs. The allergist told us about a year and a half ago, and with much sadness we relinquished our pet ownership priveleges - at least for a time to see if it helped his asthma get better. We also had friends help us change our flooring. The allergist said we should give him a break. So we did, and he has done better. We are hoping and praying that with the new leather sofa instead of soft covered furnishings, and laminate flooring instead of carpet, the puppy dander, which is what causes the trouble, won't be as much of an issue. Otherwise, the puppy goes. A good friend of mine already said she'd take him - because he is really awesome. He's calm, quiet and sweet.....at least for now. My kids love having a dog so much - and it really is something we've missed a great deal! So please pray for us that God would help Kullen not have a reaction to this puppy. On a side note, we have many friends with lots of cats and dogs in their homes, and unless he pets them and touches his eyes, he doesn't seem to have any trouble, so we're hopeful.

The puppy's name is Jet - like jet black!!! He is pictured with Kaitlyn, Kendra, Kullen (my three kids) and our friend Jamey - an awesome kid in my youth group! (I'm trying to figure out how to fit that kid into a suitcase and take him to Texas with us!!!!)