26 October 2005

Boyd's Bear Country for Brenna's Birthday

This weekend we went with my friend Carol and her daughter Brenna to Boyd's Bear Country in Gettysburg, PA to celebrate Brenna's 14th Birthday. It was a lot of fun. That place is a bear wonderland. If you like stuffed animals, and specifically teddy bears, you will go nuts there. It is like a teddy bear world. There are Christmas displays (just to get you in the mood), a baby nursery, a make your own bear shop, etc. We had a great time with some great friends. Here's a picture of my kiddies next to a "bear" nativity:

I even heard they have one in the great state of Tennessee!!!!! You should definitely check it out - especially at Christmas time - they decorate so special for the holidays.
Here is Kullen making his own animal - which just so happens to be a stuffed monkey - he later dressed in camouflage!!!! (Don't ask!) It was a really fun day - and if you get a chance to swing by there, you definitely should!
Thanks for inviting us!

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