03 October 2005

Funny Things Kids Say - "School" Dream

Kullen usually gets up and gets into bed with me when Travis gets out of bed to get ready for work in the mornings - sometimes his daddy is still there and he just wedges in between us. This morning was one of those mornings. He cuddled up to me in a half-asleep state and in a slightly amused voice said, "Mom -- I dreamed last night that I went to school!" I said, "You did? Did you like it?" "No," he said, "All we did all day was sit around on a bed." I opened my eyes now, and looked at him, slightly concerned that this child really had NO idea what "school" was like. I said, "Kully, have you ever seen a school before?" To which he condescendingly replied, "Yes mom!" So I tried to make my point, "They don't have beds in school." At this point he was really worried about me, so he explained, "Mom, it was a DREAM!"

Another funny point about this early morning conversation is that last night when I was reading The Magician's Nephew to him, something in the story triggered a conversation wherein I was explaining to him how adults often lose their ability to use their imagination! HA! Caught me!

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