30 October 2005

Halloween Party Happenings

I have two Tinas in my life, and they are two of my very closest friends. One of my Tina's had a Halloween party at her house on Friday night - and the kids had so much fun. The fun actually began when we got together on Thursday to decorate -

Here are the kids making funny tombstones - and painting lanterns made out of cans to line the walkway. Their friend Walker is really busy in the middle - I'm not sure we could have gotten it all together without his helpful holding of the Cheetos bag!

Then the costumes - what fun!!!

The Lovely French maid had her shoulders raised to their appropriate positioning after this picture was taken! I wish I could get her to dust at home! And the 80s child on the right is dressed up as her mother - "Julie - circa 1984!!!!

The handsome young Jedi!!!

It was a really fun night - but I ate way too much chocolate! Never tell a chaperoning adult where the chocolate stash is hidden - especially if it's me!!!!! Tina's house is small and cozy - and she opens it up to more people than anyone I've ever known. She made it such a nice party for all of the kids. They ate candy, played hide-and-go-seek outside in the dark, danced around to a strobe light, and laughed like they were going crazy! I'm just sorry for the rest of you that you couldn't be there! Maybe next time.

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