31 October 2005

Try Something New - Sushi!

A friend called me up yesterday evening - and asked if I wanted to go check out a used book store and get some sushi. Well when it comes to books, I am like a ravenous wildebeast - I can't get enough - but the sushi - I could take it or leave it - and since the sushi bar is at the Chinese buffet restaurant - I said I'd LEAVE the sushi and eat something else.

So we headed off in the dark dinner hour of having recently turned the clocks back for our evening out. The bookstore was so quiet and I found some great selections for only a few bucks. Then we went to the Chinese restaurant. I had some good food - but as I watched my friend eating her sushi - I wanted to try some!
I can't explain it - but something that used to repulse me was suddenly very appealing. I started asking questions about what was in the different kinds she was trying, and when I decided to brave some new selections, she accompanied me to the sushi bar to offer some advice on how to start slow. I got a "California roll" which she calles "FAKE sushi" and I loved it!!!! I also tried something that contained smoked eel - and found that quite disgusting. I had several different selections that contained salmon and other fish. It was all very good. In fact, I want to go again - VERY SOON!
I am not sure whether indeed it was the evening out with a friend, or the "trying something new" or the combination, but my spirits were lifted after being out last night. There are so many new experiences on the horizons of my life, and this little thing was symbolic of the fact that I can try something new and it can be good!

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