14 November 2008

My Mountain Mama - Part 1

I was feeling a bit homesick today and inspired to write, so I decided to put down some thoughts about my beautiful home state of West Virginia. This time of the year is especially hard not to be there. It is very much a work in progress, so please be gentle in your critique.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. Her arms outstretched across the horizon. The sun rose from behind her as if she had held back the night with the strength of her own might. My mountain mama was waking. She turned from a mourning gray to a burst of color, the sun revealing what the lazy morning fog tried to hide as it drowsily beckoned its inhabitants back into warm beds under down comforters as fires burned in their hearths.

The large windows in the upstairs classroom provided an excellent view of her beauty. The change was symbolic of the change that was happening to me, bursting from the gray of mourning into the spectacular color of a full and vibrant life. A confidant woman was emerging from the scared and confused girl, the peaks and valleys carving their indelible mark on my soul.

One can feel God and hear Him most clearly on this mountain and in the river that runs at her feet. I imagine them joyful lovers, His finger carving out the curves and painting the colors, making her as He chooses for Himself. A spirit is full just to be there with them, together.

Some may say that these are not mountains, and it makes little difference to me. I know the familiar fluttering in my stomach as I traverse the ribbon roads cut through her trees, letting me know that I belong here. I could travel the world and come to the conclusion that all art pales in comparison to the Creator’s fall canvas on the lofts of this mountain and the way He manages to dazzle spectators anew with each coming year.

I have two other displaced West Virginian blogger friends who are trying to make their homes elsewhere, and this is for them A. and Tina.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes and made me seriously homesick.

    I can't tell you how we long to drive those mountain roads. To drift along past rivers and rocks.

    The roads here are flat and straight.

    I thought this was lovely. Thank you.


  2. You have such a wonderful way with words. You write beautifully and paint a wonderful picture. I am in awe because I can't do that, I'm to straight forward.

    I have moved so much that I do not consider anywhere my hometown, maybe if I stay here long enough...

    I have feelings about places I have lived but I don't miss anywhere or long to go back there.

    I love to read your writing :)

  3. Twas painted beautifully! There is such a beauty and wonder about His creation that I just get lost in.

    Love you!!

  4. Julie,
    This is beautiful!! Makes me long for those mountains. Although I've never lived in the mountains, my grandmother did, and I have ever since longed to live in such an inviting place.
    Thanks for this!

  5. That is so sweet! We're going to miss WV during the holidays this year, but hope to make it up in January. And we hope to see some SNOW! Well, at least my son does. Ha ha!

    I'm going to try to add some more WV pictures to my blog soon. Maybe that will give you a taste of home!

    Hope you are healing and taking very good care of yourself!


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