08 November 2008

Uterine Cancer Awareness

I put up a new banner on my right sidebar about Uterine Cancer Awareness. I was shocked to find that I have so many of these symptoms that I was dismissing as just something I had to live with as a woman. Please pay attention if you have these symptoms. Gentlemen, feel free to look away if you cannot handle the personal nature of what I might share here - or feel free to read if you think it may help you encourage someone that you love to get a check up.
Uterine cancer, also known as Endometrial Cancer (the endometrium being the lining of the uterus) can be indicated by one or all of these symptoms:
1. Abnormal bleeding - this means any bleeding that is not associated with your normal menstrual cycle
2. Vaginal discharge
3. Vaginal discharge with mucus and blood for post-menopausal women
4. Difficult or painful urination
5. Pain during intercourse
6. Pelvic pain
This cancer is a killer. I am holding my breath to find out if indeed the five out of six symptoms that I am exhibiting are indicators. Please pay attention and have any of these symptoms checked out. Mine have gone on for at least four years, and it is terrifying to think of the time that I let lapse thinking that I had a strange reproductive system that has never quite worked right and dismissed these symptoms as one after the other has become a fact of life for me.
Just wanted to share the awareness. Don't ignore the symptoms like I did because I didn't know better.


  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers, I have 2 symptoms but I have/had endometriosis. I think I'm better now.
    I love ya girl!

  2. I hope that everything goes well with your surgery. You are doing a wonderful thing by making women aware and sharing your experiences with them.

    You'll never know how many women you will help just by opening up and making them aware.

  3. Praying for you, Julie. Really.
    You are loved!!

  4. Praying for you, Julie. Really.
    You are loved!!

  5. I am praying for you Julie. I just lost my Mom to uterine cancer on February 1st. I hope and pray that your results are negative.



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