17 November 2008

A Devastating Loss

The day after surgery, I was moving carefully around my kitchen trying to get some things together to throw in the crock-pot for dinner. One of the kids was helping me. I was in a less than pleasant mood trying to get things done so I could go lay back down. I was barking orders left and right so rapidly that my helper was struggling to keep up, not that the helper copped an attitude or anything. (Who would blame her?) The crock was sat on the edge of the island precariously and all of a sudden a loud CRASH! It fell. The crock pot which provided so many lovely meals for our family is gone forever! I was surprised that it did not break the tile when it hit so hard. It was quite a mess of broken glass and ceramic pieces to clean up. I was in the market for a new one anyway - but at $30-40 that will have to wait. Finances are so tight. It is going to be hard to cook without it. Somehow, we'll survive.


  1. I would have cried. Like sobbed.
    But there's only 37 days until Christmas! That's a good present for your kids to join in and buy you.

  2. That would be devastating! I got my Crock Pot on Black Friday last year for $10! It's one of the large oval kind. Keep an eye on the paper.

  3. I'm so sorry, Julie. :-( Sometimes it really does seem as though it never rains but it pours. But then after the rain, the sun does appear once again. Praying it will bring with it a beautiful rainbow to bless you.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I have been reading your blog, but never comment. I am from the RCU yahoogroup. Anyway, I am sorry this happened! Huge bummer!!! Praying for peace to wash all over you!!!
    I do believe I saw the preview for CVS Black Friday sales items and I think you can get a crockpot for $9.99, if I find the link I saw it on, I will send it your way!!! Hope that helps.

    Much grace to you!!

  5. Okay, I just double checked, CVS has a Rival 5qt crockpot for $19.99 and you get $10 Extra Care Bucks back........Pretty sweet deal, and if you have saved up some ECB's you could get it for free!

  6. Ahh, I'm really sorry. I hope you can get one that's even better at a great price. Only 37 days until Christmas. Unbelievable!

  7. That is awful. I'll have to get some of your recipes sometime. I'm not really sure what to do in one.


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