08 December 2008

I Miss You

Yep - I have been absent from my blog a bit in the last week or so. My computer crashed and we had to send it packing - literally to HP so they could replace the motherboard. This happened after Travis and I did much hair-pulling (our own hair, not each other's) trying to troubleshoot the issue with technical support.
Life has been a whirlwind. I have been working about 20-25 hours a week. I still like my job, but I get home late a lot of nights. Travis and I have been spending much more time together - which is excellent - but also means I have less time to blog.
Just wanted you to know, my dear bloggy buddies, that although I may not be posting much - it is because life is offering me many opportunities to live outside the blog for now. I do miss you and hope to catch up with each of you very soon.


  1. miss reading your thoughts, but i'm happy you are absent for good reasons.

    hope you are well!

  2. Thanks for the update. You're on my BlogList so I'll be checking in whenever it is that you DO post. Happy LIVING in the mean time!

  3. Life outside the blog - that's a very good place to be. We're still here!

  4. I thought you just escaped to Facebook. Missed you back.

  5. Miss you but glad to know it is a full and good life taking you away (well... good except for the crashing computer part. That's no fun)


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