02 December 2008

Cashier Observations

Being a cashier offers many opportunities to observe human behavior. I am given lots of material for future writing, but sadly will likely forget it all since I actually have to run the cash register and can't sit there with my spiral notebook and jot it all down.
I wonder at people. They are so funny, and strange and interesting. It is a fascinating job, really. It appears that I have been broken in - and it no longer makes my back go into wrenching spasms. The big toe I was sure would fall off my first week from agony of de feet (get it?) has stopped throbbing. The teenagers that I work with find great joy in making infinitely repulsive fart sounds by burping the floam that is left at their registers and help me to remember what it was like to be young and carefree.
Sometimes I feel sad, like the lady that stood in line the whole time I was ringing up her stuff and fretting that her husband was going to kill her because he told her to only spend $5, and meant it. There was also the child who was whining about something or other whose father continued to say "shut up" in a voice that was louder and more demeaning each time.
But, overall, people are precious. From newlyweds to the little old lady with Texas sized hair that likely has a squirrel living in it - I get to meet a myriad of new people every day.
Jesus died for each of them. That has to count for something.
Beautiful, precious people. We share the bond of humanity. If I can make their day better for just the moment that they cross my path, then it is a day well done.


  1. I've always loved watching people. I wonder at their stories. I love looking in people's shopping carts and wondering if their buying for a party or celebration or just a quiet evening at home. I always feel sad for the guy with the beer, milk and 10 frozen dinners. Or the Lady with the Lean pockets and Smart Ones and whole wheat english muffins. I fantasize that they will meat and buy, you know, real food someday.

    I'm glad you are seeing the positives in your job. It's good for a writer to have experiences outside their norm and to touch the lives of others. I think it makes their work stronger. I hope you continue to enjoy!

  2. *ahem* I meant "I fantasize they will MEET..."

  3. I love watching people too!

    I know when we crossed paths that you blessed me so much and continue to bless me!!

  4. You are such a sweetheart!
    When I was a cashier back when I was 19, I got so sick of the general public. They are so stupid!

    I did meet some cool people and have regulars that made the job worthwhile.
    I applaud you for seeing the good :)

  5. You are precious, Julie. I am so glad we crossed paths. You have that gift of building people up. Love, Mel

  6. Sounds like you are doing better - I am glad!

  7. Hey Sister! This is such a wonderful post. I had very similar sentiments all the years I waitressed. Thanks for the reminder!


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