19 December 2008

Flashback Friday - C. Thomas Howell

I was telling my kids that when I was younger I had a crush on Ponyboy from "The Outsiders". I even went to the mall and bought one of those baseball shirts with a rainbow that fell into hearts spelling the word LOVE on the front and the fuzzy letters spelling C. Thomas Howell on the back. How crazy is that? I can't even explain how little those feelings were compared to what I know real love to be now, but you could not have told me that then. Last night I rented a movie for Kullen and Travis to watch tonight while I'm working and the girls are at a birthday party, and found out that C. Thomas Howell is the director and main character. (This does not bode well for him as the movie had horrible reviews.) But it made me remember Ponyboy:

Bye bye Ponyboy - nothing gold can stay.
Here's the trailer for his new movie - he's the guy at the end screaming "What are you waiting for???!!"


  1. Oh, This brings back memories! I was a Howling Howell fan too! I had pics of him all over my room. LOL! Not only that, but I OWN the outsiders on DVD and it was that movie that introduced me to Robert Frost. Never got into Ralph, Leif, or Patrick, but I found myself "in love" with Matt too!

    Poor C. Thomas couldn't hold on to his career. But we will always have ponyboy. One neat thing, is that Diane Lane has made a comeback and I have found her to be a wonderful actress. :)

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. This makes me just feel old... I would have been fine if I hadn't watched the new movie trailer. I like to live in my own little world where the heart throbs of my youth still look the same and not middle aged to ...older men.
    I loved Ralph Macchio, you know the whole Karate Kid thing. I was surprised that I could quote all of the Robert Frost poem still. I wonder how many times I watched that movie...

  3. That movie takes me right back to gr 8 English class. We read the book and watched the movie. That group was quite the heart throbs then.


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