17 January 2009

Things I Will Miss About Texas

I know that not all of my lurkers came out of the closet yesterday, but that's alright. You are still welcome here. I am going to try to get my blogging juices stimulated by some of your questions, the first of which being what I will miss about Texas.
This is a little bit of a difficult thing - one that cramped my heart with fear when we first decided to move to Texas. I would wake up with a cold chill of panic about just this thing. I may have to miss my daughter. Kendra has said that she may stay here in this area and go to college. I know that doesn't sound too horrible, but if she is unable to leave here now, I can't imagine that time and more roots and deeper friendships established that she will ever want to leave. I can't think about it too much just yet. There is a timing factor involved with the start of college and her 18th birthday and her getting her drivers' license - but I am trying to come to terms with the fact that she has a life to live and it is my job at this time to transition myself out of her way. But she by far would be the thing I would miss most desperately.
I would miss that spring starts in mid-February, right when you mentally think you cannot take one more day of winter. Wildflowers start to bloom, and the air gets full of that energy of new life bursting forth in all the trees and fields. There are some really nice trails to walk this time of year and I will miss them as well - especially the Sundew Trail which is where we most often traverse.
There are a few ladies that I have started to get to know better as well, now that we've decided to move, and my friend Melody who has been my companion in homesickness. It is difficult to share our lives together though because we live about 40 minutes away from them. We will always have the internet, email and Facebook. It will also be nice to know that they are nearby in case Kendra should need them if she has any trouble.
I will absolutely miss my house. I just love this 100 year old beauty and all of the charm. It really suits me. But without friends to fill the rooms, it is still lacking in spite of being my dream house.
I am sure there are other things I will miss, but these are the ones that stand out the most. Texas is not a bad place - and if I've given that impression at all in my blogging, please know that there is beauty to be found here and good people. West Virginia is my home, and nothing can compete with her place in my heart.


  1. I had a feeling that Kendra may choose to stay in TX.
    She is building a life there.
    Wow, that would be so hard.
    Nothing is written in stone, we shall see what happens.

    I'm just bummed cause you won't really be any closer to me, I'm so selfish...

  2. This post is raw qith honesty of where you are right now. I so appreciate your sharing. I am praying for your heart my friend!

  3. It will be a huge change to have your daughter stay. I guess if she stays, you can visit your own friend when you come back to visit her? (searching for the positive)

  4. Hey Julie,
    Haven't made the blog rounds lately. I can't say this is news to m e; I think I saw this one coming.
    It will be a shame for you to leave before we meet in person. Hope that happens.
    Been praying for you.

  5. that is, hope we meet before you leave. :)

  6. When you first mentioned about moving back and I asked you about the kids, I thought of Kendra too.

    My Carly said that she would stay if it was her. I felt a sharp stab of panic and pain at the thought of that and we aren't moving.

    Hugs to you


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