19 March 2009

Blog Privacy and an Update

My blog is going underground for a while. I would love to share it with people who make it known that they want to read it - so if you are interested in being listed as an approved reader, please send me your email address at julsnwv AT gmail DOT com to be added to the list. Thanks for understanding for now.
I started a new job at Walmart today and have some promising prospects for an even better administrative assistant position with a reputable organization that is extremely homeschool friendly. Please pray that I would have favor here. The position is right up my alley, and has "generous benefits". The kids and I have also found a house to rent from a family we used to go to church with years ago. The rent is perfect, as is the location. A house in my Blue Ridge Moutains. My favorite part.... a washer and dryer! Ha.
Life goes on. I realized today for the first time in many weeks that I felt "happy". Even though we aren't moved in or settled anywhere yet, I feel like life is finally going in a positive direction. I am so utterly thankful. I feel sad for Travis and we still have a lot of conflict to iron out. I don't know what will become of it. I am trying to let my behavior honor the person that I want to be and my Papa. It is a work in progress.
(If you read this blog as a "note" on Facebook, I don't think that anything will change! We'll have to see.)


  1. Hiya Jules! I read you in my google reader. So will that not work anymore? Please include me. I'm still praying for you all. Thanks! - Deedee

  2. Hey Julie -- that's great news. Will definitely pray for favor for you regarding the job, and that the moves goes well. Is the house in Shannondale?

    BTW, is that a new e-mail you have? I will e-mail you so you can include me.

  3. I am happy to hear of how God is providing for you! Will be praying about that job for sure!

  4. Hi Julie. What a beautiful post! I am thrilled and will definitely be praying. I would love to remain on your list please. Thanks very much. If you still need me to send you my e-mail request, I'm happy to do that as well.


Awaiting your words......
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