03 March 2009

Stand by Me - Playing for Change

This video made the route from friend to friend and was in my inbox this morning - and I don't believe it was an accident. It really lifted my spirits today! I hope it lifts yours as well.


  1. Great song Julie! I'm glad to be your friend and stand by you. Have a blessed day.

  2. That was very cool. Thanks Julie.

  3. Julie when I saw the song that was being sung I could not hardly bring myself to listen to it but I'm glad I did. I used to think the version done by John Lennon was awsome it still is but this version took on a completely different meaning. The first version came out when I was going through a divorce with my firtst husband a very painful time. Now I feel I am going through the same thing just with a different name. the rug is being pulled out from under our feet and I feel helpless because you cannot control what is going on and the worse will come before the good. I already know that much I am finding out that the feelings are bascicly the same. Hurt, sad, betrayal, and whatever, you still have to go through the process a process I don not like, but all the same it is one you go through. Well..... talk to you later, just wanted to share that piece of information debbie


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥