04 November 2005

Why I Don't Shop Much

Tonight I went out grocery shopping with my eight year old son, Kullen. While we were perusing through the frozen food, I saw something that amazed me - a large white box bearing the label "Turkey Dinner in a Box"!!! I kid you not! I just stood there a bit dumbfounded wondering what this world has come to. I am not the "earth-mother" type who grows all our own food, cans, weaves cloth, sews clothing or anything remotely close to that - but I do believe in the health and nutrition values of a home-cooked meal every night where a family sits together and breaks bread. It is the culmination and joining together of our separated days, as well as the beginning of our evening time together. Something about getting that meal in a box seems cheap to me. I'll be the first to admit that occasionally that meal we have together is hot-dogs and fried potatoes or grilled cheese and tomato soup - but NEVER a turkey dinner in a box! If I have offended those who do not like to cook - I sincerely apologize - and refer them to rules of blogging:

#1 - the blogger is always right (well maybe not in a moral or ethical sense, but in my personal little blog-corner of the world - my opinions will prevail on this MY blog)
#2 - should the blogger be wrong, please refer to rule #1
#3 - if either of these rules is unsatisfactory to you, the gentle reader, get your own blog and rant about it!!

Okay I even annoyed myself, and I truly am sorry if I have offended anyone in the abrupt spouting of my opinions. I have been out in public shopping a couple of times this week, and it has had me all worked up! Earlier in the week, we were out running some errands, and my girls asked me to take them to the Ross department store. While there we saw some "Britney Spears' perfume called Fantasy. I was laughing and telling my girls that being she is a new mother, her perfume should probably smell like baby barf! (Yes, even though I don't watch television or read the papers - I know that Britney just had a baby!)

To top the whole shopping torture off, I was listening on Christian radio to a call-in show where they take prayer requests, and my heart went out to a woman that asked for prayer for her marriage. Seems she has an eight month old baby and since the baby was born they have been having trouble. She went on to describe that she leaves for work before her husband even wakes up in the morning. I was just so sad and at the same time so thankful that I have never had to be a commuter mom, and live a life disjointed with my husband. And then I am so puzzled as I look around me and see how materialistic our society is and wish that people could see the price they are really paying in their lives for the things they think they need.

To sum my week up and all of my soapbox rants, it's okay to be a stay-at-home mom, and cook real meals for your family, and sometimes smell like baby barf! (I had breastfed babies that never barfed - just as a little footnote!) It's probably too late to be blogging!!! Please send all complaints to my public relations director Tina Francis - she won't even notice that you're mad!!!
Shh! If you don't tell her, she may not even notice I just made fun of her!!! JUST KIDDING - I love you Tina!

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