17 November 2005

Blonde Moment!

I figured I needed to share this story with the rest of you so that you would know that I too am an airhead at times. I know those of you who know me personally will find this quite shocking, however, what I am about to share, I share solely for your benefit - so that you will never feel inferior to me again!!!! This morning, I was on the phone with my friend, Tina. We were talking through some problems, troubleshooting, praying, etc. and I didn't want to cut her short - so I began to multi-task - making beds, sweeping, wiping off the bathroom sink and getting dressed. Once I was dressed I decided to put my contacts in. Once they had both been put in and my contact case was empty, I told Tina that something wasn't right - my vision was fuzzier than before. So now I am no longer listening to my friend, but I have removed the contact from my left eye, and am desperately searching my right eyeball, eyelid, etc. for my other contact. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I must have lost it down the drain - but really had no idea how. After getting off the phone with her to call the optometrist's office to order new contacts, because of course this was my last box, I discovered in the bathroom mirror that there was a contact in my LEFT eye - but how could that be because I had already removed it! Conclusion - I had put both contacts into the SAME EYE!! No wonder my vision was blurry! Long story short, there are some things that should be done with singular concentration!

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