22 November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who happens to stumble across my humble little ramblings. We are leaving tomorrow morning bright and early - that is if I can get my butt to bed tonight and away from this computer!! There is so much to be thankful for - even when life seems to be throwing curve balls, the Lord is good - He loves me and He cares about my every need, counts my every tear, and knows my every dream.
When I was growing up, as a child of divorced parents, I often wondered if there really was a God. Yes, I had heard about Him but seeing no tangible evidence of Him in my life, I was sure that even if there was a God, He didn't care much about me. I bounced around - often by my own choice- between parents, state to state, school to school. I was lost in the deepest sense that a person can be lost. I never felt again like I had as a child - secure in the comfort of knowing I had a home and a family where I belonged. It was all fractured. Then one year at Thanksgiving, my mom and I went to a co-worker's house for our holiday dinner. The previous year we had had turkey pot pies, and this rabid traditionalist woman my mom worked with was not letting that happen again! I remember pulling up to the house, that was all decorated for Christmas and nestled deep into the woods in the Georgia countryside. The family was huge -aunts, uncles, grandparents, the whole kit and kaboodle. I remember in my heart, I made a prayer - sharing the desires of my heart that the Lord would one day give me a family like THAT one. Well, I grew up and got married - had children of my own, and never really thought about that day again. Eight years ago this past September, after ten years of marriage, my husband and I were finally able to buy our own house - and I was filled with that sense of being "at home" once again. Our son, Kullen was about a year old at the time, and we would occasionally lay down in my bed and take a nap together. Around Thanksgiving time, I remember stretching out, and staring out the back window of my bedroom as I was unable to sleep. As I looked at the beautiful woods, and the leafless trees, I remembered that Thanksgiving day as a lost little girl, and my dream-my wish-my prayer for a family and a home again. I realized in that moment how very real God was and that His love for me enveloped every part of who I was - even intimately caring for the desires of my heart! I was and still am so truly thankful for that gift.
I pray that you might know the depth of that love He has for you this Thanksgiving.

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