18 June 2011

The Best Dad is Mine

Every little girl's first love is her daddy. This was as true of me as the next girl.  My dad was my hero.  It was the 70s and he had shaggy blonde hair and wore polyester pants and shirts with wide collars. I thought he was more handsome than any other man that on earth. He drove a green Pinto and had an affinity for Krispy Kreme donuts and big bowls of chocolate ice cream. He was the coolest.

When my parents divorced in the late 70s, the greatest loss was the connection between a father and his little girl. My dad had begun a new life of which I was rarely a part.  It was some serious collateral damage and a grieving that endured throughout my childhood and into adult life.  My mom made it very difficult for me to spend any time with him, and so I didn't very much.

A couple of years ago when the pieces of my life all came crumbling down around me, my dad was there.  He sent money to help me afford a rental truck and gas, but that wasn't what was most important. He answered his phone - over and over and over again -whether it was a phone call or a text message.  He was there for me. I never needed him so much in all of my life and he came through.  He told me I was doing the right thing, to be strong, that he loved me.  It meant everything to have this validation and support.  The picture posted here is of my dad hugging me after my wedding to Gary.  Before the ceremony was even over - my dad was on his feet and up to hug and congratulate us.  He has worried all of these years about me - and I know how happy it makes him to see me safe and loved and happy after all this time.  It gives me a lot of joy to see him so happy too as I've watched him go through a lot of changes in his own life in recent years.

Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you more than words. You are the best dad in the world, because you are mine.
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. 
- Jim Valvano

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  1. Thank you, all my children mean the world to me.


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