08 April 2012

So Much More Than Heaven

Easter morning. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, the grass is green and even the air smells of new life. The red buds on the mountain tell us that what the winter tamped down is rising again. All of creation speaks of spring and the bursting forth of new life that cannot be conquered, regardless of the cold, dark death of winter.  It's as if the earth is telling The Story. He is painting a picture with life - with all that surrounds us.

This morning I am captured by the wonder of Cadbury mini-eggs with my coffee.  The crunch of the delicate shell, then sweet and creamy chocolate melting over your tongue and washed away with the hot delicious bitterness of dark roast with cream.  A simple pleasure that rouses the senses. Even this sensual indulgence can bring me to a point of worship. He gave me the ability to enjoy this treat and provided all of the makings. It is His, all of it is His and he shares it with me.

The talk of Easter is death and resurrection to new life. We no longer have to fear the end of this life because we know a price has been paid, the wrongs have been made right. We have the hope of heaven because of Jesus.  So much of what we focus on as believers is the end of our lives and where we will go when we die.  But it is about so.much.more.  Jesus also defeated the things that would cripple us and defeat us as we live these lives. Every day can be accomplished victoriously because of the cross.  Jesus died to defeat my anxious soul. This beautiful Easter morning, I will hold on to that for all that I am worth.

Thank you Jesus for Cadbury mini-eggs and the power to overcome my anxiety. 

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