28 December 2005

Why I LOVE Blogging

You know you've been spending too much time on the computer when you find yourself reading a book, you know the kind with paper and ink, and you want to scroll your finger over words, hoping for something highlighted so you can click on it and go find out MORE! So with the Christmas holidays fast approaching, I found that I needed to tend to my blog a little less, and the tasks at hand, the celebrations and traditions, and to time with my family a little more. So my blog has been relatively simple these past couple of weeks - not a lot of deep thoughts or sharing my heart. Being someone that loves to write, I am probably going to FREAK OUT if I don't write something I consider significant soon. When I say significant, I don't mean necessarily to anyone else, but something that is satisfying to my own soul. It is all the better when you get other people thinking, writing and sharing their thoughts or opinions - which is why I love blogging! My friend Joanne titled her blog aptly "Cheaper Than Therapy"! I couldn't agree more!

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